Gold Card Litepaper


Holders of JungleBay Gold Cards will be provided access to rewards from the entire JungleBay Marketplace (currently under development).

The rewards will be split evenly amongst 150 total Gold Cards, equating to each holder earning 0.66% equity stake in the entire JungleBay Ecosystem, in perpetuity, for as long as they are in possession of the card. Upon transfer of the card, all equity interest shall be transferred to the Gold Card’s new holder.

The Gold Card will also serve as one vote on the JungleBay Marketplace Governance Board. The Governance Board is separate from the JungleBay DAO/Treasury, of which 1 Ape = 1 vote and applies to all community proposals and initiatives.

The community has not yet finalized the total allocation that will be distributed to holders yet, because we are still in the process of developing the JB Marketpalce. All decisions related to Gold Card reward issuance will be determined by the JungleBay Gold Card Members. There are currently 17 Gold Cards remaining in the Treasury to be used for future strategic growth initiatives and partnerships.

Gold Card Staking

The JungleBay Governance Board is exploring tokenomics around an effective approach for staking the JungleBay Gold Cards that will generate daily rewards.

Staking your Gold Card will earn daily passive rewards that will be claimable anytime, and will be able to be burned in exchange for whitelist spots to exclusive projects, merch, prizes and more great perks within the JungleBay ecosystem. Separately, the team plans to incorporate a similar staking mechanism FOR ALL APE HOLDERS. Bottom Line: This community plans to reward its long term members.

Liquidity Pool

The initial liquidity for the pool will be funded from our community treasury; over time we will add additional liquidity / opt-in options via community-driven allocations as a proportion of secondary sales from the JungleBay Ape Club Genesis collection (and subsequent collections).

Expand Alpha Channel

Special perks through a wide variety of opportunities only presented to holders...